Information Of Renaissance Art  

Renaissance gave rise to the emergence of an intellectual movement called Humanism which was based on studying classical Roman and Greek cultures. Humanists believed in individual achievement rather than the credentials of a person at the time of birth.

Novel ideas and beliefs came into existence which gave people a new outlook to life. The perspective that life is supposed to be a collection of sufferings and a way to reach Heaven was not considered true by humanists. Life was fulfilling and enjoyable and needs to be lived with involvement.

This school of thought gave people an opportunity to progress by their own accomplishments. If you were born a peasant, you need not remain in the same social strata until you die.

The Renaissance movement brought about a development in art, literature, history and philosophy. Artists became inspired to create new kind of works. The concept of perspectives emerged during this time where objects perceived to be at a distance was drawn smaller to the eyes of the viewer.

Three dimensional techniques also emerged which gave the artists a whole new outlook to creating brilliant pieces. Art pieces were not flat and resembled the natural creation in the universe. Realistic art pieces developed during this time impressed art lovers a lot. Careful shading techniques helped artists portray the human body more accurately than before. The importance of individuals was emphasized by glorifying the human body.

Oil painting technique which emerged during this time gave the artists to create incredibly real pieces. Artists played a lot with color and shading during this period.

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Information Of Renaissance Art




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