How Was Humanism Reflected In Renaissance Thought And Art ?  

The Renaissance period brought about an intellectual movement which is popularly known as Humanism. The study was based on roman and Greek cultures. Before this movement, life was miserable and filled with suffering for many. Serfs and peasants used to be born with a social status, and there was no question of improvement to the so called upper strata of the society.

Life was never considered a beautiful opportunity to live. The goal was to strive for eternal salvation and reach Heaven and fight hardships all along the way

However, humanism brought about a revolutionary change to this attitude. Innovative ideas, new beliefs and a refreshing purpose to life were defined by this school of people who believed that every life emerging on this planet has a purpose of their own.  You need not really suffer all the way in order to reach the abode called Heaven. Life needs to be enjoyed and should be fulfilling.

Individual merit allowed people to grow by their own accomplishments. This gave people an opportunity to grow and not restrict themselves to a cocoon in which they were born. This led to a great development in the fields of literature, art, philosophy and history. Inspirations engulfed creations rather than sufferings and restrictions.

There was a huge change in the techniques employed in education as well as art. The concept of perspectives emerged during this period where distant objects were painted smaller to the eyes of the viewer. Three dimensional images were also created. Lighting and shading created a whole new dimension to art. Images were not flat and looked more real in sync with the universe.

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How Was Humanism Reflected In Renaissance Thought And Art




Information-Of-Renaissance-Art      Renaissance gave rise to the emergence of an intellectual movement called Humanism which was based on studying classical Roman and Greek cultures. Humanists believed in individual achievement rather than the credentials of a person at the time of birth. More..




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How Was Humanism Reflected In Renaissance Thought And Art ? )
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