History Of Contemporary Art In The World  

All creative work produced since the end of World War II till date falls under the head of Contemporary art. In recent times, contemporary art is exhibited at various venues such as art galleries, art museums, publicly funded art organizations and by the artists themselves privately. Contemporary artists maintain their livelihood by either selling their work or through grants and awards bestowed on them for their outstanding work.

The creative work produced by artists of today is regulated by the institutions of art. This act puts the institutions under immense criticism. According to the heads of these institutions certain areas of aesthetic skill cannot be categorized under the terminology of contemporary art. An example of the same is Outsider art, which although is contemporary as it reflects creativity of present day, is not evaluated so since the artists are self educated in art. Also, textile designing despite its popularity does not clear the specifications to qualify entry into the domain of contemporary art.

The history of contemporary art begins from the 1950s extending right till the 2000 decade. During this time period, numerous styles of art mushroomed under the broad umbrella of this term. The 1950s showed the emergence of styles such as expressionism, figurative movement and lyrical abstraction. Fine art bloomed even more during the 1960s with novel movements that included computer art, conceptual art, color field, op art, performance art, pop art, minimalism and post-minimalism.

The 1970s highlighted forms of art such as bad painting, body art, land art, video art, process art, feminist art, pattern and decoration and funk art. The 1980s brought in appropriation art, electronic art, live art, sound art, mail art, post modern art, graffiti art, neo-conceptual art and transhumanist art. The further advancement of science and technology in the 1990’s brought in progression in fine arts as well. The highlights of this decade were bio art, cynical realism, digital art, internet art, new media art and software art. Finally, the artist of this decade, the 2000’s has explored the field of classical realism, relational art, street art, stuckism, video game art and the latest of them all, the VJ art. With each passing decade, fine art has progressed in its style and aesthetic value.

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History Of Contemporary Art In The World




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