Current Contemporary American Art  

Contemporary art signifies the art of the present day. America is a nation whose ethnicity is marked by the word revolution. A vast land in itself, the creative value of this country is a blend of many immigrant views. The Americans believe in constantly evolving within themselves. The essence of this belief dominates the creative horizon as well. Current Contemporary art in America highlights two main aspects; variability and diversity.

The ideology of contemporary art in America began with the concept of excluding everything from the focus except for the subject of work. The object of art was accredited as the purest of all elements. Abstract Expressionism was conceived from this very ideology. The current artists are free from any imposed views or conventional norms. The only restrictions are those that they prescribe for themselves. Contemporary art has become an affirmation of autonomy in the creative world. Paintings, photographs, videos, installations, textiles and sculptures -- all co-exist under the realm of American art, thereby increasing the spirit of tolerance towards various styles, mediums, attitudes, traditions and technologies. The current contemporary art of America cannot be defined categorically as it has no demarked sole identity and the only acid test for today’s artist is perspective of the media.   

Although artists from different periods have often oscillated between abstraction and realism, the pace at which one representation is sprouting into another is rather fast. Americans have always sorted perfection in the quest of which there is the constant need to rush forward. Today modernization has replaced virtuousness. This situation has led to an unstable atmosphere in the world of visual arts.

There are many distinguished American artists who specialized in contemporary art in the past. James Brooke was the instructor of drawing at the Columbia University in New York and produced marvelous work such as Garamond 1958, Untitled 1945 and 1952 and Cambria 1983. Another significant name was that of Charles Pollock whose work Black and Gray 1960; and Black Drawing 1 and 2, 1962 received fame. Popular contemporary artists of today include Laura Owens, Josh On, Benjamin Fry, Bunny Harvey, James Buckhouse, Alex Ross, Davis Bury, Kara Walker and Anna Gaskell.

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Current Contemporary American Art




History-Of-Contemporary-Art-In-The-World      All creative work produced since the end of World War II till date falls under the head of Contemporary art. In recent times, contemporary art is exhibited at various venues such as art galleries, art museums, publicly funded art organizations and by the artists themselves privately. Contemporary artists maintain their livelihood by either selling their work or through grants and awards bestowed on them for their outstanding work. More..




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