Paleolithic Life Expectancy  

Life expectancy has always been the issue right since the beginning. But to understand the life span of Paleolithic people we need to know their time of existence. They are also known as the Stone Age people. According to the remains found which is nothing but bones and skeletons, it is estimated that they could have lived for a maximum of 30 years.

There are hardly few remains or residual left which have been here for more than ten thousand years back. It is also a bit difficult to say or predict that they could be only theirs as many other groups did exist prior to them and after them. Some researchers and archeologists have felt through the remains that they would have easily stayed for another 40 years. Now coming back to the previous discovery of a 30 years lifespan. This was calculated and considered after looking at their ages and commenting on their lifestyle. Life expectancy after 30 years would have been difficult considering their exposure to climatic conditions and eating habits.

Humanity is the only single form where people could survive for a good number of years. Human population has spread like anything since 10000 years. The mode of feeding has certainly changed from a group sitting to individuals. The ancient times might have really been tougher. The Paleolithic men might have died due to extreme harsh climatic conditions followed by constant attacks from wild animals. Also, there might have been no unity when it came to food and constant fights over food might have led to more deaths. Moreover, there were just fruits and veggies and to an extent meat. There was no scope for medicines and hence, the immunity level in the body might have certainly gone for a toss. Besides some women of those periods could not conceive due to major climatic conditions like famine. Injuries were not covered or cured. Today men and women both can easily survive double the number of their period.

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Paleolithic Life Expectancy




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