History Of Education In Poland  

After Poland was defeated in the Polish Defensive War in 1939, it was divided into areas that were made part of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the General Government of Germany, Since the Nazi did not support higher education for the Slavs, only trade schools and the courses for working in factories were let open. The Nazi government wanted Poland to turn into uneducated labors for the Germans.

The territories that were included into the Reich banned education completely and made it punishable by death. The Germans had university education for non-Germans abolished and the higher education institutions were shut down. The Germans took away all of the equipments and laboratories to Germany to be distributed in the German universities while the Institutions were used as offices and military camps.

Despite all these oppressions, an underground way of education was opened up by many teachers and professors along with educational activists. The people who managed to survive through the A-B Action and did not get deported to the concentration camps went on to teach to students organized in small groups in private premises, who constantly were under the threat of being deported and even death.

An organization named “Tajna Organizacja Nauczycielska” or the Secret Teaching Organization took an active part in imparting education mainly at the primary and the secondary level. By the year 1942, the number of students who participated in their program went up to 1,500,000 at the primary level and in 1944, about 100,000 students were receiving secondary education and there were 10,000 students at the university level. The students who passed through their final exams in school got their certificates, which were issued with dates of time before the war.

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History Of Education In Poland




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