History Of The Tour De France  

The origins of the Tour de France can be linked to the Dreyfus Affair, a protest that had France divided on the issue of Alfred Dreyfus, a soldier who was convicted for selling defense secrets to the German forces. Eugen Weber, a historian called for a political shindig at the Auteuil Horse Race in Paris in the year 1899 to protest against Dreyfus; Comte Jules-Albert de Dion, who owned the De Dion-Bouton car works; and Stroke the President of France on his head with a walking stick to protest against Dreyfus for which he was penalized 100 francs and ended up serving 15 days in jail were part of the protest.

However, the news highlighting de Dion’s arrest in Le Velo, the very first and very popular sports newspaper in France by its editor Pierre Giffard, also a supporter of Dreyfus, did not go down well with de Dion. So much so that he joined hands with the ones against Dreyfus and himself opened up another daily sports newspaper known as the L’Auto, headed by Henri Desgrange, a well-known cyclist, as its editor. However, it did not meet the intended success and with the sales figures dropping in favor of its rivals, calling for an urgent meeting on November 20, 1902 where the chief cycling journalist, Geo Lefevre, the junior most employee present, brought in by Desgrange from his now arch rival company, came up with the idea of organizing a race of six days all over France since cycle races of long distances gain the sales and what Lefevre suggested was a length that no one had thought before. Though Desgrange was doubtful over Lefevre’s confidence, the newspaper’s financial director, Victor Goddet was in awe of the idea and thus, the first longest cycle race was announced on 19th January 1903.

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History Of The Tour De France




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