Who Killed Medusa ?  

As per Greek mythology medusa was a monster called gorgon. Unlike the other mythical monsters, her story was very different. It is a story with the moral to the humans that the situation they will face when they make gods angry. It is believed by the Greeks that when gods get angry they take decisions which are painful and quick.

The story starts with the beautiful maiden, medusa praying in the temple of Athena. Medusa was a beautiful maiden with long silky hair which added to her beauty and tempted the god of water Poseidon to seduce her. When Poseidon starts kissing Medusa Athena sees and gets angry. Since Athena could not punish Poseidon, she punished Medusa. She turns the beautiful locks into serpents and she also gives a destructive power which turns anyone into stone as soon as they look at Medusa directly.

Turning the beautiful medusa into a monster is not the end of the story. In other myth, it is told that Perseus went to kill Medusa to save his mother Danae. Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae. King Polydectes falls in love with the mortal Danae. The king wants Perseus to stay out of it so he sends him to get medusas head which would lead to Perseus’s death.

Perseus asks god to aid him. So the goddess Athena and Hermes helps him out to kill medusa. Athena aids him with the winged shoe, a mirror like shield and a sword. The winged shoe helped Perseus to reach medusa quickly. The mirror like shield helps him to see the reflection of Medusa because if he sees her directly, he would have turned into stone. He cuts the head of Medusa and takes it to Athena.

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Who Killed Medusa




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