How Was Athena Born ?  

The birth of Athena is not like the other goddesses. Her birth happened in a very special way. Mother of Athena is not known exactly but she might be Metis. Father of Athena is Zeus. The first offspring of the gods will be female. And this girl will become goddess. The next child will be male and if this boy grows up, he will kill the father. This is reason why father of Zeus died and also the grandfather.

So, soon after Zeus made love with Metis, he turned her into a fly and swallowed her. From that day, Zeus suffered severe headaches and he asked Hephaestus to axe his head and when it was axed Athena jumped out of the head fully grown with a helmet and armor. Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus.

In the history of Greek mythology, there is also a thing that is thought not to happen. It is invention. It is believed by some Greeks that Athena has invented things like trumpet, pot, flute, the plow, the rake, the ship, the chariot and the yoke. Many believe that she is the inventor of the Olympics chariot. The belief of Greeks is that she made flute to calm herself down when she was stressed. There is also other belief that she made flute to listen to the wind blowing when it was not actually blowing. She also made the trumpet to listen battle sounds. Athena made a pot to store her food. She made ship to go for the war into the sea. The reason behind the invention of the plow, the yoke and the rake is unknown.

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How Was Athena Born




When-Was-Athena-Born      Athena’s mother was Metis, who was a mortal woman, and her father was Zeus, who was the king of the gods. Zeus married Metis and she became pregnant. When Metis was pregnant, the gods such Gaea and Uranus told Zeus that if Metis delivers a boy child, the child will be wise and better fighter than Zeus. They claimed that the son would kill his father after he grows up. More..




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