Timeline Of Juan Ponce De Leon  

Juan Ponce de Leon started his expedition when the world was about to know the other Explorer Christopher Columbus. It was not known to the historians for so many years that on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus among the 1500 men, he was amongst the one member.

There were always an undoubtedly remarks from the historians about his family, but they have never been able to counter his life and career. From geometry to physics, he knew the best subjects and well educated as well. He made a remarkable change in the history and development of Florida. Puerto Rico, the first settlement in 1508 was founded by this Spanish Explorer. Along with he was the man who discovered Florida in the search of ‘Fountain of Youth’ and Gulf Stream. He was bestowed with total jurisdiction and the title of Adelantado.

On March 3, 1513, Ponce set out from Puerto Rico with 3 ships and bore the expense for the same. Pedro Nunez de Guzman granted him the power to settle the Island of Bimni and Florida on September 27, 1514. His last voyage was to Florida. He fought against the Moors by campaigning in Granada. In the year 1493, he started his career in exploration. He worked as a captain under Nicolas de Ovando of Hispaniola, West Indies, in 1502. For suppressing the Indian mutiny, León was named to be the provincial governor of the eastern part of Hispaniola by Ovando. He was also appointed as the governor of Puerto Rico but soon displaced from the governorship.

Ponce continued to search new lands for the Spanish crown. In 1513, he explored in search of fountain which was just a myth, led him for a secret expedition started from his own discovered place, Puerto Rico and reached the Florida. Ponce again sailed for Florida with two ships and two hundred men in 1521. There he was wounded by attack made by Indians and after returning to Cuba, he died there. To give as honor, Puerto Rico became the third largest country.

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Timeline Of Juan Ponce De Leon




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Biography-Of-Juan-Ponce-De-Leon      Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa, a Spanish Explorer was born between (1460 – July 1521). He belonged to a noble Spanish royal family. Juan Ponce de León, born in a village called Santervas De Campos, which is now the northern part of Spain. Although historians sited his birth taking place in 1460, but the recent facts show he was born in 1474. His family lineage is tremendously mystifying and there were no good documentation to clear this fact also. More..




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