Facts About Juan Ponce De Leon  

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and later discovered Florida in 1513 while searching for the mythical fountain of youth. He was from well educated noble family but there are no such significant facts about his parents and descendents. Ponce De Leon worked as page to the Spanish court under Nunuz de Guzman in the royal court of Aragon. As a privateer, he attacked ships that belonged to the Moors in 1490.

He was among the 1500 men in who voyaged with Christopher Columbus on September 25, 1493. Juan Ponce de Leon gained so much experience from the voyage of discovery which was the command of Christopher Columbus. In 1494, he did not return to Spain along Columbus from Santo Domingo which is now called as Dominican Republic. In February 23, 1512, Charles V grants Leon rights with an authority to discover people in the Bahamas and later he was bestowed with the title of Jurisdiction and Adelantado

On March 14, 1513, when Christopher Columbus was sighted the first land that time Juan Ponce de Leon have been reached Guanahani, San Salvador. On March 27, 1513, Leon sighted the coast which is now termed as Florida. On Palm Sunday, he took control over the land by spotting first and the term "Pascua de Florida" which was named after Ponce de Leon. He was injured by the poisoned arrow and died due to the wound. Today, his tomb can be found in Old San Juan’s cathedral.

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Facts About Juan Ponce De Leon




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Timeline-Of-Juan-Ponce-De-Leon      Juan Ponce de Leon started his expedition when the world was about to know the other Explorer Christopher Columbus. It was not known to the historians for so many years that on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus among the 1500 men, he was amongst the one member. More..




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