Biography Of Juan Ponce De Leon  

Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa, a Spanish Explorer was born between (1460 – July 1521). He belonged to a noble Spanish royal family. Juan Ponce de León, born in a village called Santervas De Campos, which is now the northern part of Spain. Although historians sited his birth taking place in 1460, but the recent facts show he was born in 1474. His family lineage is tremendously mystifying and there were no good documentation to clear this fact also.

There is no idea about his parents but experts coined that he was associated with a notable noble family. Cadiz and Rodrigo Ponce de León were seemed to be his own relatives. He began his career in exploration in 1493 as a volunteer of Christopher Columbus' second expedition.

He was befitted to his royal status and has been taught several subjects like geometry, physics, mathematics and astronomy. He was a Courtier, an Explorer and a Soldier too. He was popular because he was the first European to set his foot in Florida. He was the one who discovered the famous Gulf Stream and searched the “Fountain of Youth”. Puerto Rico, the oldest European settlement was established by him. By appointment of Spanish crown, he appointed as the first governor of Puerto Rico. The region was named Florida as it was abounded with lush green florid vegetation.

After his last Florida voyage, in the year 1521, Ponce de León planned an expedition and landed on the SW coast, where the Calusa Braves attacked the colonists. During that time he was injured and post-attack, he, along with the other colonists, planned to sail to Cuba and Havana, where he soon succumbed to a wound. Buried in Puerto Rico San Jose Church, but later his remains were disinterred to the San Juan Bautista.

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Biography Of Juan Ponce De Leon




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Facts-About-Juan-Ponce-De-Leon      Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and later discovered Florida in 1513 while searching for the mythical fountain of youth. He was from well educated noble family but there are no such significant facts about his parents and descendents. Ponce De Leon worked as page to the Spanish court under Nunuz de Guzman in the royal court of Aragon. As a privateer, he attacked ships that belonged to the Moors in 1490. More..




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