Where Did Christopher Columbus Die ?  

There are crucial issues regarding the death of Christopher Columbus. According to his son, Fernando, Columbus succumbed to gout, a disease causing the joints to swell. According to several modern analyses, probably Columbus died of Reiter's Syndrome, an outlandish illness. After two years of his final voyage, he died on May 20, 1506. He died in a place called Valladolid, Spain when he was Fifty Four.

The daughter-in-law of Columbus requested that his remains be taken to Hispaniola where he was buried in the cathedral, Santo Domingo. The authorities granted her desire and Columbus was once again traveled to the New World. Christopher Columbus’ body was kept undisturbed for two centuries. There are interesting turns, where matters are having different angles in the death of Christopher Columbus. Now, the burial of Columbus was considered as the integral part of Spain as official treasure. In 1795, France took the possession and Spanish were forced to leave the matter of Columbus.

In between, Cuba claimed as a self-governing country and escaped from the Spanish rule. Due to this, the remains were needed to some other place. Eventually, Christopher Columbus’ second resting place was Havana, Atlantic to Seville and Cuba. And today, Columbus’ grave can be found in the cathedral of Seville. The true burial place of Columbus is located in Santo Domingo.

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Where Did Christopher Columbus Die




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