What Kind Of Man Was Christopher Columbus ?  

Christopher Columbus was born to a seafaring family and he grew up dreaming about starting off with his voyages one after another. People throughout the world are aware of his importance as well as his accomplishments but a very few people are actually aware of his personal traits or the personality that this great explorer owned. There are several opinions regarding his personality and none of them is final but they all state some or the other aspect of his personality.

As far as the question often raised by people is concerned which asks about the kind of person Christopher Columbus actually was, there are various writing pieces that describe this explorer as a person. One such piece claims that he was a very poor governor and was actually very cruel towards the local tribes. Even the settlers coming from Spain disliked him de to his harsh rule of law.

The settlement was a proven failure but Columbus tried covering up his mistakes and the fact that the settlement did not actually work for them. He put several lies in front so that he could overshadow his faults. Columbus was a man who fairly had his gifts as well as his faults. He was a visionary man without any doubts. Apart from being a very courageous man, he had the passion to pursue his dream with great tenacity and vigor. But at the same time he known for treating his natives with great cruelty and he never ever committed his mistakes and would never accept his faults.

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What Kind Of Man Was Christopher Columbus




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