Negative Thing About Christopher Columbus  

Christopher Columbus is quite popular as the founder of America. He is celebrated in the month of October, but he basically had not gone to the mainland, which was the US, till his 3rd voyage in the year 1498. He is also recognized as the earliest European explorer reaching America though there are sources that illustrate that he was not the only earliest explorer to do so. There are indications of people exploring the place even before 1492.

Christopher Columbus got the name that he has today mainly due to the fact he was at the right place during the right time. This was the main reason behind the fact that he had most of the power. There are writings and sources that specify different things about his personality and there are some which indicate that he was a greedy man. He is believed to have sailed just for three things that included Glory, Gold, and God.

It is believed that in his quest for gold, he had killed several people and wiped out almost an entire civilization all by him. This was one by him for various reasons. One without any doubt was the personal gain. He is known for doing several bad things to the natives as well as for killing almost the entire community. He forced them to find gold and in case they failed, he would kill them. He also forced them for becoming slaves. Though there are several things done by him that are still criticized but his accomplishments are also admired by people and there is a large group of people that celebrate him even today.

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Negative Thing About Christopher Columbus




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What-Did-Christopher-Columbus-Discover      Christopher Columbus was perhaps the greatest explorer ever known to the world. He was born in the year 1451 in Genoa and died on the 20th of May in the year 1506. He got married to Dona Felipa in the year 1479 and unfortunately lost his wife after she gave birth to their first boy child. Christopher had 2 brothers and his dad was a wool weaver. When he grew older, he started helping his father with his business. More..




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