Christopher Columbus Timeline  

Christopher Columbus is known throughout the world as the discoverer of America. However, there is a lot more to learn about the life and time of Columbus.

Given below is a brief timeline of Christopher Columbus:

1451: Columbus was born in Genoa to a prosperous wool weaver. He started of with his voyages at an age of 14 years.
1476: He swam ashore after the ship sank in battle with the Portuguese pirates.
1477-1484: He made merchant trips as a master mariner as far as Guinea and Iceland.
1479: He married Felipa Perestrella e Moniz and the couple settled in the islands of Porto which was located near Madiera.
1480: The couple had a son.
1484: Columbus conceived The Enterprise of the Indies but then failed in convincing King John II to support his plans. This was the year when he lost his wife to death.
1485: Columbus moved to Spain and settled at Palos.
1488: He had another son to Beatriz Enriquez de Harana.
1492: He started off with his first voyage from Palos.
1493: Pinzón rejoined Columbus.
September 1493: He began his second voyage with 17 ships from Cadiz.
1494: Sailed from Isabela in search of the mainland
1496: Departed from La Isabela destined for Spain.
August, 1496: Reached the coasts of Portugal.
1498: His third vogaye started from Sanlucar with his 6 ships.
October, 1500: Columbus was arrested and then sent to home in chains.
1502: Departed from Cádiz with four ships.
1503: Established garrison at Rio Belen.
1504: His crew were rescued from Jamaica after spending over one year on this island.
1504: Columbus returned to Spain.
1506: Columbus died at Valladolid.

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Christopher Columbus Timeline




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