Who Founded The American Indian Movement ?  

American Indian Movement, also referred to as AIM, is basically an organization that fights for the rights of Native Americans and that is the reason that it is also known as the Civil Rights Movement of the Native Americans which was originally found in the year 1968. Its purpose includes encouraging the self determination among the Native Americans and the establishment of international recognition of all their treaty rights.

During the year 1972, the members of AIM took over headquarters of Bureau of Indian Affairs located in Washington D.C. They actually complained that government had considerably created the tribal councils regarding the reservations in the year 1934 which was sought as a way of keeping alive paternalistic controls over the Native American development.

AIM was founded long back in the year 1968 by Dennis Banks, Herb Powless, George Mitchell, and various other such activities. The national agenda focused of this organization towards the spirituality, sovereignty, and leadership. There were several thousand volunteers emerging out of the reservations as well as cities responding their inner voices and at that point of time they all had actually managed to listen to their inner call and take a firm stand against the mismanagement that was persistent for past several centuries.

People from almost all sections of the society as well as from different age groups came up fighting against their poor conditions among the Americans. Since its beginning, AIM has brought several changes in the society as far as the improvement in the living conditions of Native Americans is concerned.

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Who Founded The American Indian Movement ?




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