What Did The American Indian Movement Accomplish ?  

American Indian Movement, also known as AIM, is basically a Native American organization that was established long back in the US. In order to bring attention towards the injustice that was faced by the Native Americans and for providing them much better protection as well as care, this organization was formed. This was a movement that began in the year 1969 in Minneapolis.

Native Americans used to receive quite much of a humiliation and abuser from the people enforcing law and there were several crimes reported against these people. Disciplinary actions were very rare and most of the Indians started off this campaign for changing all such circumstances. As far as the accomplishments of this movement are concerned, it is worth mentioning that AIM has successfully changed the perception in the eyes of America regarding the Native Americans which seems to be its biggest achievement so far.

There are several reservations today, and Native Americans now are eligible for receiving government funds for building homes, schools as well as for maintaining their community. Thus, they are now able to raise their own families in much better conditions. Moreover, the prejudice and abuse against this race had reduced drastically and there are also various programs that help the Native Americans plunge themselves in the American culture. Within the last 30 years since the beginning of this movement, the native Americans have enjoyed better living conditions, have witnessed increased employment opportunities as well as on job trainings and have experienced improved educational system.

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What Did The American Indian Movement Accomplish




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What-Happened-During-The-American-Indian-Movement      In thirty years of overall history of the American Indian Movement, it has witnessed several great changes due to its impact. This history is basically the formal history just because this movement have been existent for last five hundred years but got a name 30 years ago. The movement had made steady progress all these years and the movement actually transformed policies into programs and thus this organization has served Indians in various communities. More..




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