Native American Indian Language  

Before the European settlers came to the Americas, nearly 1,000 languages were used by the Native Americans. Out of these, 250 were spoken in present-day US. The languages spoken by the Native Americans were completely different from one another and a mere distance of hundred miles meant that the individuals could not understand or communicate with one another.

Nonetheless, based on the similarities between the various languages, they have been grouped into families. Basically this means that the languages have the same origin have been clubbed together.

The languages spoken by the Native Americans had syntax and grammar, but they did not have a script for writing them until the settlers arrived to the New World. There were 9 important families of languages in modern-day US before English became the common connecting thread a few centuries ago. The 9 language families in the US are Iroquoian, Algic, Muskogean, Athabaskan, Siouan, Uto-Aztecan, Salishan and Eskimo-Aleut. Also, one could find smaller families of languages like Shaptian, Kiowa-Tanoan, Miwok-Costanoan and Caddoan. There were some languages that did not have any connection with any other Native American language and these are called isolates. An example of an isolate would be the Zuni language.

Many languages from the 9 language families can still be found in the US. However, the number of speakers has dwindled as English has become the main language of communication even among the Native American tribes. Today, less than two million Native Americans speak their respective languages, and unfortunately many of the languages spoken by their ancestors have become more or less extinct, or are spoken just by the people of the older generation. In fact, based on the current records, just 8 languages are spoken by the Native American population in the US and Canada. These languages are Navajo, Cree, Ojibwa, Cherokee, Dakota, Apache, Blackfoot, and Choctaw.

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Native American Indian Language




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