Indian Culture Vs American Culture  

The development of both the culture was remarkable in the history of the US. With over three hundred and ten million as the population, the US is among the 3rd largest country discriminating by the total area and its population. The States is regarded as the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse nation of the world. These are the two major reasons behind the growth and development of USA. America’s originality was fully degenerated by Thomas Jefferson, an American cultural critique.

The tribe, Native American, has its own culture and languages which is unique in nature. Culture of America encompasses vivid traditions, values, thoughts, ideals, customs, beliefs, arts and innovations which developed both during colonization and as independent states. The inhabitants with Asian origin were reduced by the spread out of epidemics and war affairs.

The ideas of national holidays and other traditions make USA a national pride to the citizens of the nation. Americans are believed for the hard work and holidays and vacation at the time of stress. There are elements of liberalization, political structures, freedom of expression, and ideologies like individualism, egalitarianism and democracy. The nation has culture of expressions because of its geographical and wonderful demographic diversity. There is flexibility in the culture of the US due to this it is highly accepted.

The Native Americans have their subcultures correlates well with their ethnic group. There is a huge difference in their culture process among the agrarian and immigrants from Eurasia. This difference of culture leads to the ethnic violence and political misbalances in the nation. According to some researchers, there is a mythical identity in the culture of America. Sometimes, it is also referred as Exceptionalism of America.

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Indian Culture Vs American Culture




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