History Of Native American Indian Before Colonial Period  

Before the colonial period, there were indigenous peoples living in the United States of America. There are numerous different tribes, ethnic groups and states survived in that time. The term Native Americans has been considered as a dreadfully controversial to the Census Bureau of United States. People started calling themselves as Indians or rather American Indians.

For the last five hundred years, many migrates from Afro-Eurasian came to America. Most of the conflicts and alterations were the causes between the societies of old and new world. As per the historical records, Europeans were the Native Americans as the major population migrated from Europe to America. Mainly the Native Americans survived doing hunting and gathering. But in other different groups, women started cultivation of staples.

During the establishment of USA, there was a complete revolt against the Great Britain. It was the idea of Henry Knox along with George Washington, President of USA to make a foundation of US citizenship through which Native Americans could get civilized. Assimilation was the integral part of American administrations. In the nationalist movement of America, in the nineteenth century, Manifest Destiny, the ideology played a crucial role. After the revolution of America, there was growing pressure on the lands of Native Americans that led to tensions and warfare.

In the year 1830, the Indian Removal Act was endorsed by the US to reposition the Native American tribes and to provide accommodation in the Euro-American expansion. It was the Government who gave a thought that it could decrease the conflict among the groups.

During the expansion of the American West, the migrants as settlers and miners trapped into conflicts with the tribes of Great Plains. After the Civil War of America, they conceded a tough resistance towards the Americans. The rail road indirectly put pressure on the tribes. Over the time, in various states land cessions and treaties were forced by the tribes to establish the reservations. Adoption of farming in the European style motivated the Native Americans. Lands were just provided to the poor class only.

In the contemporary period, the Native Americans have a distinctive relationship with the US as they are the citizen of the nation. They have the power of sovereignty provided by the government of US. The Native Americans have their own societies and they have prospered culture to flourish within their population. In 1924, all the Native Americans were given citizenship that does not had earlier by the US.

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History Of Native American Indian Before Colonial Period




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