History Of American Indian Reservation  

American Indian reservation is basically an area of the land which is managed by the Native American tribe under the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of the Indian Affairs. There are a total of around three hundred and ten American-Indian reservations as far as the US is concerned. This basically means that not all of the country’s recognized tribes, which is about 550, have a reservation. Some of the tribes have more than 1 reservation, while some share these reservations whereas on the other hand there are some who have none of these.

Just because the tribes possess the tribal sovereignty in spite of being limited, laws in the tribal lands are different from the surrounding areas. Different reservations have different kinds of governments and their systems which might or might not replicate the various kinds of government found outside these reservations. Most of the Indian reservations were actually created by the federal government, only a limited number, especially in the East, are known for owing their origin to the state recognition.

During the year 1851, the U.S. Congress passed Indian Appropriations Act that authorized the creation of reservations in present-day Oklahoma. Associations between natives and settlers had grown quite worse because the settlers impinged on the territory as well as the natural resources in West. By the late 1860s, the president pursued Peace Policy as one of the possible solutions to this conflict. Reservation treaties sometimes involved stipend agreements wherein the federal government would be granting a specific amount of goods to the tribes on annual basis.

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History Of American Indian Reservation




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