American Indian Movement Timeline  

The American Indian Movement abbreviated as AIM is basically a Native American activist organization that is active in the US. In the year 1972, during the month of October, the American Indian Movement got impetus when people converged from all corners of the country onto Trail of Broken Treaties to help champion the Indian unity and integrity.

Given below is the timeline of the American Indian Movement:

  • 1968: Minneapolis AIM patrol was created for addressing the issues of extensive police brutality.
  • 1970: Legal Rights Center was created for assisting the Indian people in alleviating the legal issues.
  • 1970: AIM had taken over an abandoned property of the naval air station close to Minneapolis
  • 1971: First national AIM conference was held for developing the long range strategy in terms of the future directions of this movement.
  • 1972: Red School House was opened which was the second surviving school that offered the culturally based education services to children.
  • 1973: Legal action for school funds were taken at this point of time.
  • 1974: International Indian Treaty Council was formed which was an organization representing Indians throughout western hemisphere.
  • 1978: First educational program for American Indian offender was established by AIM.
  • 1984: Federation of Native managed survival schools were established that presented legal education seminars.
  • 1987: AIM patrol came into force that dealt with the serial killings of the American-Indian women.
  • 1991: Peacemaker center was established which is known to have a spiritual base.

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American Indian Movement Timeline




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