What Was The Capital Of The Confederate States Of America ?  

The first few states to join hands in the formation of the Confederacy were South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. These seven states also known as the Confederate States of America laid the foundation of the Confederacy during 4 to 9 February 1861 at a meeting held in Montgomery, Alabama.

The basic reason for selecting Montgomery, Alabama as the assembly point was its location in the heart of the seven states. This city housing a population of about 9000 was a valued transportation center with steamboats, stagecoaches and railroad connecting the city to different directions. On assembling at Montgomery, the delegates of all these seceded states barring that of Texas put their minds together to formulate the constitution of the Confederacy. The constitution representing the Confederate States of America was sketched in merely 4 days and with President Jefferson Davis at the helm of affairs, the Confederacy came into action. The oath to take over office was taken by Davis in February 1861 at the capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery.

However, come May and many realized the fallouts of choosing Montgomery as the capital. The weather was extremely hot and sultry with mosquitoes adding to the nuisance.

By this time, the Confederacy had been joined in by another 4 states; namely Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Virginia offered its capital Richmond to be considered instead of Montgomery, a proposal that was more than acceptable to many. Therefore, in April to May of 1861, Richmond was announced as the new capital of the Confederacy and it remained so for the next 4 years.

In contrast to the previous capital, Richmond was a relatively more sophisticated city. Its beauty was compared in those days with that of Rome. While in the beginning, its citizens may have been happy about the respect earned by the city as a capital; gradually they regretted the selection. The city was inhabited by many new residents taking its population to 100,000. Many of the new inhabitants were quite brash and uncultured in their behavior. Moreover, being the Confederate capital, Richmond was always under the vigilance of the Union and the threat of being annexed was the highest. In fact, the fears of the citizens were proved correct when finally during the Civil War, the forces of Robert E. Lee flee leaving the city in the hands of the Union.

Thereafter, Danville served as the Confederate capital for about 8 days from 3 to 10 April, 1865.

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What Was The Capital Of The Confederate States Of America




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