Who Won The Mexican War ?  

When Mexico received independence from Spain, it allowed large number of Americans to migrate into Texas, which initially was a part of Mexico along with numerous territories like California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming among others. A series of rules and laws enforced by the General Santa Anna did not go down well with the Texans. They opposed the regime and managed to become independent from Mexico. Texas in fact wanted to be a part of America and was annexed later by the US.

This resulted in rising tensions between Mexico and America. Mexico had clearly stated that it would claim Texas back by either using military force or through peaceful dialogues. America on the other and did not heed the warning and went ahead to annex Texas, a decision which was not accepted by many within the American Government.

After annexation, the border disputes between Texas and America started with Mexico claiming that southern border of Texas was the Nueces River and America claiming that it was all the way till Rio Grande. America was also interested in purchasing New Mexico and California that were a part of Mexico for 30 million dollars. When Mexico refused the deal, war broke out between the two nations. A defensive war was declared by Mexico in April 23, 1846. Nearly 2000 Mexican troops attacked the American troops who had crossed the border.

This led to an all out assault again the Mexican forces. America managed to capture California in 1847. The New Mexico city was captured soon after. Nearly 1000 Mexican soldiers lost their lives in the war. Another 3,000 were taken as prisoners. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848. According to this, America would get Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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Who Won The Mexican War




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