How Did Harry Truman Die ?  

After being on the office from 1945 to 1953, President Harry Truman, went traveling with his wife and still did several government-related tasks such as campaigning for those who were going to run for senatorial candidacy.

However, on the December 5, 1972, he was admitted to a hospital in Kansas City because of lung congestion due to pneumonia. During those days, pneumonia was a disease that was fatal as medical technology still did not have the proper medications to treat it. He then developed several complications such as organ failures and collapsing cardiovascular systems. Because his body could not endure all the collapsing and failing body parts, President Truman died 21 days after he was admitted to the hospital.

Compared to the burial of other presidents, Truman’s wife opted to have a very private burial ceremony even though there were plans in place to have a proper state funeral. Because of this, the important people across the country have paid their respect at a service held a week after.

With his death, many cannot forget the legacy that he has brought to the country. An example of this is that he had a major role in having the Medicare bill approved by his succeeding president Lyndon Johnson. At the same time, the Truman Library was also named after the president. Aside from this, he has also been active with other issues in the government so even if he died, he would still earn the same respect just like the other presidents.

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- William Mckinley - Woodrow Wilson - Zachary Taylor

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How Did Harry Truman Die




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